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Deathflood - Dungeon of Doom
Deathflood: Dungeon of Doom Deathflood: Dungeon of Doom

Trapped deep in an evil wizards's dungeon, you have to find your way out by solving puzzles and defeat hordes of undead creatures, while the cold deathflood is rising...

Deathflood is a fast pace jump-and-run adventure full of logic puzzles in a fantasy setting.


  • Three worlds - each with different graphics, foes, game mechanics and soundtrack.
  • About 15 very individual levels, each with several paths to finish.
  • Choose between two heroes with different strenghts.

Platform C64 | Release Q4 2022 / Q1 2023

Windigo Dreamcatcher

A toolkit for the creation of C64 content including a level, charset, sprite and bitmap editor with focus on data compression and reducing the efford of content integration.

Platform Microsoft Windows | Release mid/end 2023 as open source